ello, you've reached miki. since im unable to physically introduce myself ill run down a few FAQS. 23. aries. lesbian. jersey girl ; born and raised. only child. world traveler (honest to god got only 2 continents left). college student. i posses no real talent or hobby but implore a variety makin me a jack of all trades. i rely on reblogs to illustrate my life cause thats what i find more interesting. it is not that i lack the creativity or necessary vencaular to espress my ideas via orginal text, but i prefer to depict an emotion, idea or action through other means. judge me if you like but thats your sin. either way im on your mind, just as i like it. im big on networking and makin new friends from all over as long as they respect the boundaries of my relationship. so if you find me interesting or wanna know more please feel free to chat me up (:

oh, the pictures here arent mine.

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On March 5, 2011 every doubt she had about love was put to rest. In a noisy corner of P.F. Chang’s her Prince Charming slipped a ring on her finger. After a few tears of joy she said Yes.
  • 6 March 2011
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